We regret to inform you that with effect from 12.00pm on 11th December 2018 Formax Prime Capital (UK) Ltd has decided to temporarily cease offering clients the ability to trade FX.

Accordingly, we will not be accepting any new clients until further notice. If you are already a client of Formax Prime you will receive client communications from us direct.

Should you have any questions please do not hesitate to call us on 020 3819 3100, email support@formaxprime.co.uk or reach us on the chat available on our website.

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Sound trading decisions require access to quality information. Our economic market analysis is designed to put all the crucial market intelligence at your fingertips.

Overnight report

Overnight report

17 September 2018

Trade war fears re-emerge, Shanghai Composite reaches a four year low, as emerging economies’ currencies fall versus USD

China’s equity markets sold off sharply on Monday morning, after news emerged over the weekend, in financial media publications such as the Wall Street Journal, that the Trump administration is ready to impose further tariffs, of between 10-25%, on another $200B of Chinese imports, as early as this week.

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Fundamental analysis

12 September 2018

Thursday September 13th is a busy day for high impact, economic calendar releases

There are several high impact calendar releases and economic events, that FX traders should remain vigilant of, during Thursday’s trading sessions. Traders who trade the Aussie dollar, should note the latest unemployment figures for Australia, which will be revealed at 2:30am U.K. time, on Thursday morning.

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Economic calendar


Important financial events occuring soon

The fast-updating Economic calendar covers all important events and releases that affect the forex market.

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Industry knowledge

Whether you are a novice or an experienced trader, our educational articles and guides will give you the insights you need to hone your trading skills.

Introduction to trading


27 August 2018

How setting take profit limit orders when trading FX can improve traders’ options

Most traders are familiar with stop loss orders and for those unsure of their features and benefits, at Formax we’ve recently published an article on the subject of stop losses, which is an ideal accompaniment to this article.

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Enhance your trading skills


30 July 2018

Why fundamental analysis is critical for FX traders

The impact that economic data and breaking calendar news has on our FX markets, is undeniable and highly significant. The week ending June 15th and the Monday and Tuesday of the week beginning June 17th, provided perfect examples of how economic calendar releases and breaking news events, can move our markets.

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What is an ECN broker?


A broker that never bets against you

Formax is what is commonly known as an ECN broker. But what is an ECN broker exactly? And how can using one benefit you as a trader?

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Be better informed – and make better trading choices with our regular insights. Get the latest on industry trends, what markets are on the move and where the smart positions can be found. Analysis and tips that matter.

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